"For me, The camera is a sketchbook, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity" - Henri cartier-bresson

martinez family

Justyna is one of my closest friends here in Tampa. She's incredibly smart, beautiful, and a great listener. Oh and she speaks over 5 languages. Wha?! Crazy huh? She's also an amazing photographer, so we love to chat and share ideas with each other. I've photographed her family a few times but this session and location are my favorite. As a lifestyle photographer, I capture all of the candid moments from a session. The shots where Daddy is helping his daughter pick flowers, Mom and Dad singing ring around the rosy and giving piggyback rides. I capture the laughter and the curiosity of little ones. I capture the love between husband and wife and the love they have for their child. I hope you enjoy these highlights showing real, authentic moments of Justyna and her family.