Published again!!

How exciting is it to wake up to a message that my photos were published in another magazine! It's a great feeling being recognized and featured with so many other talented photographers around the world. This set is from a Motherhood Session with my beautiful friend Brittany and her adorable daughter Riley. I love the connection between them. Riley loved being in her Mama's arms. From the photos you can see it's her favorite place to be ;)

Magazine details in link:[0]=AT1RJue1nuYFjVNCTgy29rMQ3RJ96BoxFa37va9KpL8dB0p7hdcocisc0RK_PRAzP7p3yTdVk-mrsE4jy0VDMn9HgcW6ySC82bV6kb0nmP_SjtUGisve-DvclS2npJtLQU3XOphTwXEyk1P3Gahj4lAJbIY61Dqtb2NReHVRqjobZqVzJycavyXP9w